Hannah is a hacker by trade.  The punk aesthetic of the '80s left a strong impression on her child mind, and as she grew up she split her time between concerts and computers.  She ran away from home as a teenager, squatting until she met up with a few other like-minded hackers. Hannah kept to herself, enjoying the balance of losing herself to music and the high she would get playing god on a computer. The crew that gathered around her as her talent behind a keyboard grew came to call themselves hacktivists, leaking classified government documents and shutting down servers of big, bad corporations.  It wasn't until her father, who she had never met, hand-delivered an invite to The Labyrinth did she realize the root of her antisocial behavior and ego-maniacal desire to hack the world.  Her father was Hades, god of the Underworld.  His disposition, and some of his power, were hers to inherit.

Hades never paid much attention to his half-human offspring. They all found their way to him eventually, after all; but when the gods came together for the first Labyrinth in two millennia, Hades participated. Entertainment with his brothers and the other gods was rare these days. It didn't take long for him to narrow down his choice to Hannah. She may not be a warrior, but she had the mind to do what needed to be done. Her antisocial tendencies would serve her when needed, and her ambition in toying with others, even if it was on a computer, was admirable.

Hannah didn't know what to expect as she approached the others at the entrance. She didn't much care for crowds of people, but she pulled up her hood and joined them. She knew only that power was coursing through her, and that whatever lay on the other side of that maze would unlock even more...





Archer grew up in a family of hunters, high in the hills of the Appalachians. By the time he was ten he was able to track, kill, and field dress a buck on his own. He knew early on that the bow was for him. It felt like a natural extension of his arm. He never knew his father, a situation for which he took flak in high school, and so he turned to rock music to set himself apart. He formed a garage band, made an impression, and landed a record deal; and so he entered early adulthood a minor rock star with a penchant for hunting. Then the invitation came: a golden envelope with an actual red wax seal. An invite to The Labyrinth. The letter was wild with creativity, claiming him to be the son of Apollo. He even showed the letter to his mother, who went silent and left the room in tears. His curiosity piqued, he decided to take up the invitation and participate in whatever The Labyrinth was. He could use a bit of adventure.

Apollo kept tabs on his half-human offspring, but he only gave audience to those who had proved themselves worthy. It had been centuries since he had met one in person. Young Archer was proving entertaining at the very least, building a small reputation as a rock star while giving in to the desire to use a bow in a modern world that had largely forgotten the classic weapon. And so, when Apollo heard that his father Zeus was opening another Labyrinth, he jumped at the chance to compete with him and finally win. The invite sent, he sat back and prepared to watch, hoping that Archer would live up to his heritage.

Archer, following the directions on the invitation, finally laid eyes on the entrance to The Labyrinth, and the other so-called demigods gathering out front. He joined them, giving each a once over. They didn't look like much. Maybe this was a new reality TV show. He should be able to win one of those easily. Maybe then his mother would explain herself...





Hunter's mother emigrated from Mexico before he was born, in order to provide him a better life. Now grown, he carried her efforts and sacrifices on his shoulders as he trained for the Summer Olympics. Hunter was the fastest runner his coach had ever seen. Running the trails one day, a runner passed him with ease. Caught off guard, Hunter sprinted. The runner ahead looked over his shoulder, and winked. Something snapped in Hunter and a surge of speed pushed him forward as the world blurred around him. He caught up to his competitor and the world snapped into focus, the two of them skidding to a halt. The man smiled as he introduced himself. Hermes was his name, and he handed Hunter an envelope. Hunter read the letter contained within which claimed Hermes was both his father, and a god. It also invited him to The Labyrinth. He raised his eyes, debating whether to question Hermes or mock him, but the other man was gone without a trace.

Hermes was faster than any god he knew of, which was unfortunately why he had been relegated as messenger to the gods. This came in handy though, when he wanted to visit his children. Such was the case when, after hearing that Zeus had re-opened the Labyrinth, Hermes decided to participate. He came down to Earth and caught up to Hunter with ease. After a bit of mocking, Hunter finally showed his true potential and managed to catch up to Hermes. Satisfied, Hermes gave Hunter the letter, and ran off. There were more deliveries to make, after all.

Hunter walked up to the nondescript entrance, the first to arrive. It was simply a worn, rusty metal door in the side of an otherwise normal, aged, red brick building. There was a clock counting down next to the entrance which would probably announce the start of this event, whatever it was. As others arrived, Hunter introduced himself, hoping to make a new friend or two who may know something about what lay beyond the door...





Holden is the son of Hephaestus, blacksmith to the gods. He was raised by his Samoan mother and immigrated to the U.S. at a young age. His mother would often tell him fantastical stories of his father, the Godsmith as she called him. His mother never mastered the English language, and so as soon as he was old enough to pass for eighteen he took up jobs in construction. He had a knack for building things, but he was even better at destroying them - by accident of course. His bosses recognized this, and soon set him up on the demolition team. He built a life for himself and his mother by destroying the creations of others. He had always humored his mother and her stories of the Godsmith, but never believed it until the man towered above him one day, holding out an invitation...

Hephaestus noticed the destructive skill of his most recent half-human offspring Holden almost immediately. A creator by trade, he didn't understand the desire to destroy - but neither could he deny the talent that young Holden displayed with a sledgehammer. When word of The Labyrinth once more opening reached him, he began to plan. A sledgehammer would make a better weapon than a normal blacksmith's hammer, and The Labyrinth was dangerous. Someone with a penchant for destruction may fare well in its depths, and Hephaestus longed to make official the status of demigod in one of his offspring. Chances to prove oneself worthy were rare in the modern world, and so he went down personally to deliver the letter.

Reeling from the knowledge that his mother had been telling him the truth - that he was the son of a god, he rounded the corner and found the entrance to The Labyrinth. A few others lingered outside, no doubt also the children of gods. He knew only that they would enter The Labyrinth as a team, and that the only way out would be to locate four ancient artifacts, the power of which would open an exit...





Aryana lost her mother at a very young age, beheaded in front of her in a small town in Serbia. The particular shade of red the blood-stained snow at her feet became that day proved to be a color she would come to know well. Her uncle Vadislav took her under his belt, whisking her around Europe at a moments notice, wherever his jobs took him. He home schooled her as best he could, but her anger and rebellious nature couldn't be denied. Vadislav decided to train her in his trade - that of a mercenary. Aryana was taught various martial arts, military weapons and tactics, and infiltration techniques. By the time she was fifteen she was able to join Vadislav on the occasional mission. She learned English so she could communicate with his contracted employers on his behalf. She was prettier than he by far, after all; but after a brutal betrayal by an employer that resulted in the death of Vadislav and the permanent scarring of her face, she shaved her head and moved to America, intent on starting her own mercenary group. That was when she received her invite to The Labyrinth.

Ares did not care about his children. He had plenty, they came and went, making them was merely a distraction. There was war to be had throughout the world, after all. Aryana though, she was different. She kept showing up in his wars, and so it came to be that he watched her throughout the years. When she was overcome, scarred, and left alone she rebounded, using that as fuel for her growing power in the arts of war and starting her own mercenary company. Ares couldn't help but approve. When he heard Zeus was initiating The Labyrinth again, he knew Aryana would fit in perfectly in that environment - that she would flourish, and grow even more into her power, and so he forwarded on an invitation to her. If she survived, perhaps she would prove useful in other endeavors as well.

Unconvinced that her father was a god, the invitation to The Labyrinth was nonetheless too promising to pass up. So it was that she arrived, amidst a group of others who, at a glance, weren't worth her spit. The invitation promised battle, and that was a promise she could not ignore...





Alexis was born and raised early on in Japan. She excelled at scholastic studies, and always made her father proud. He just knew that she would be a doctor. In high school, Alexis was accepted into a study abroad program, that would let her finish her junior and senior years in the U.S. Upon graduating, she couldn't bear to leave behind the scholastic freedom she expereinced, and enrolled at Princeton where she earned a Masters in World Cultural History before moving on to a PhD in War History from Yale. She had just landed a position teaching War History at Berkley when her invite came. She had never known her mother, but this letter inviting her to The Labyrinth claimed she was descended of Athena, Greek god of war tactics. Convinced someone was playing a game with her, she decided to play along until she could figure out who was behind it.

Athena kept a very detailed family tree, now thousands of branches wide, tracking all her half-human descendants. She rarely interacted with any - only those who proved themselves worthy, as was the proper course of action for her kind, but she loved them all regardless. Alexis had been proving the most interesting lately, with her passion for war tactics - that was Athena's purview, after all. When she heard The Labyrinth was reopening, she saw the chance to get to meet Alexis, if only she could prove herself worthy and find her way through the Labyrinth, and so she sent the invitation.

By the time Alexis arrived, seven others were gathered in the alley, facing the plain metal door. She received nods, and a few handshakes as she approached and found the others had invitations stating one of their parents were gods as well. This was turning into a very detailed joke, and as she still had no idea what was behind it, she had no choice but to continue playing along, and enter when the doors opened...





Parker loved the water, always had. She grew up along the coast, swimming, surfing and diving. By the time she was nineteen she held the world record for free diving. She made ends meet by free diving for pearls she could then sell along the beach to tourists. She could hold her breath well over eight minutes without worry, though she learned early on to let it whoosh out and to gasp for air as if she was at the end of her capabilities or people would start to suspect she was something other than exceptional. Parker always knew she was different. It wasn't just the length of time she could go without air, but the ease and speed with which she could move through the water. She wasn't really surprised when she found the invitation in the bottle. She'd found hundreds of messages in bottles at the bottom of the ocean before, but this one was addressed to her. It was an invitation to something called The Labyrinth, but the other details - the ones about her father, were the most interesting.

Poseidon had a jealous streak a mile wide. It caused him to keep close tabs on his children, half-human or otherwise. As such he knew immediately when his brother announced the re-opening of The Labyrinth and the competition it provided that his daughter Parker would be the best fit. She wasn't a skilled fighter like some of the others, but she knew how to move to avoid danger, and would learn to tap the healing properties of water if injured once she knew about her heritage. That would prove helpful, and he greatly desired to lord a win over Zeus this time around, and so he sent down an invitation to his daughter.

Parker came to a stop at the end of the alleyway where a few others had already gathered, each carrying an envelope like her own. She made a game of guessing who their godparent was. Hers was Poseidon, if the letter was to be believed, and something in her just knew it to be true. Excited jitters built up in her stomach as they all discussed what could lay beyond the door...





Zeke was struck by lightning when he was seven, knocking him out. He hadn't prevented an older boy from taking his candy bar and running off, just prior. He was struck again when he was twelve, while getting bullied by another older kid on the playground. It dropped him, but he remained conscious. It happened once more when he was seventeen, as a college student pushed him up against the fence while his buddy tried to steal Zeke's clunker of a car. When the lightning struck, it sparked through the fence, and Zeke instinctively pushed it through himself and into his assailant. It arced to the other one at the car and dropped them both. Enraged, Zeke pulled the lightning back into himself and hurled it back at the sky from whence it came. The loudest thunder crack he'd ever heard sounded, and silence returned to the night. Zeke found over thirty thousand dollars in the satchel of one of the now smoking corpses. He left them behind and used that money to build himself an empire. He now owns three nightclubs in town, and runs a loan service and protection ring. He has multiple houses, designer suits, European cars. He has money. He has followers. He was never struck by lightning again.

Zeus was never mistaken for being a loving, caring god - but he did those things, in his own way. When he saw his half-human offspring being taken advantage of, he could have helped them. Or, better as he saw it, he could try to teach them and allow them to better themselves. So it was when young Zeke was being taken advantage of, or bullied, that he struck him down with lightning, rather than his attackers. Much to his approval, eventually Zeke responded, and flung the lightning back at him and in so doing, telling him to butt out and let him handle his own life. That was the moment Zeus decided it might finally be time to bring back The Labyrinth - that Zeke, of all his children, might finally be worthy; and so he watched him over the following years. As his son built himself an empire, Zeus made his decision, and announced the return of The Labyrinth. He sent down a special invitation for his son.

Zeke stared around at the seven other demigods gathered around him at the door. Fitting, that they should subconsciously gather around him as their center point. His father was the king of their parents, after all. When he received the letter, he thought it a prank. When the lightning strike accompanied it, he absorbed the lightning rather than sending it back, and felt it's power coursing through his veins even now. He wanted the power that lay within The Labyrinth. He wanted his claim to power over those around him. He wanted his inheritance as a demigod, and it all lay beyond that door...