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Meet Hunter, son of Hermes!

Hunter’s mother immigrated from Mexico before he was born, in order to provide him a better life. Now grown, he carried her efforts and sacrifices on his shoulders as he trained for the Summer Olympics. Hunter was the fastest runner his coach had ever seen. Running the trails one day, a runner passed him with ease. Caught off guard, Hunter sprinted. The runner ahead looked over his shoulder, and winked. Something snapped in Hunter and a surge of speed pushed him forward as the world blurred around him. He caught up to his competitor and the world snapped into focus, the two of them skidding to a halt. The man smiled as he introduced himself. Hermes was his name, and he handed Hunter an envelope. Hunter read the letter contained within which claimed Hermes was both his father, and a god. It also invited him to The Labyrinth. He raised his eyes, debating whether to question Hermes or mock him, but the other man was gone without a trace.

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Archer’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin. ¬†Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers he is discovering as he races through the Labyrinth!

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