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Meet Hannah, daughter of Hades!

Hannah is a hacker by trade. The punk aesthetic of the ’80s left a strong impression on her child mind, and as she grew up she split her time between concerts and computers. She ran away from home as a teenager, squatting until she met up with a few other like-minded hackers. Hannah kept to herself, enjoying the balance of losing herself to music and the high she would get playing god on a computer. The crew that gathered around her as her talent behind a keyboard grew came to call themselves hacktivists, leaking classified government documents and shutting down servers of big, bad corporations. It wasn’t until her father, whom she had never met, hand-delivered an invite to The Labyrinth did she realize the root of her antisocial behavior and ego-maniacal desire to hack the world. Her father was Hades, god of the Underworld. His disposition, and some of his power, were hers to inherit…

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Hannah’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers she is discovering, now that she knows her true heritage!

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