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Meet Archer, son of Apollo!

Archer grew up in a family of hunters, high in the hills of the Appalachians. By the time he was ten he was able to track, kill, and field dress a buck on his own. He knew early on that the bow was for him. It felt like a natural extension of his arm. He never knew his father, a situation for which he took flak in high school, and so he turned to rock music to set himself apart. He formed a garage band, made an impression, and landed a record deal; and so he entered early adulthood a minor rock star with a penchant for hunting. Then the invitation came: a golden envelope with an actual red wax seal. An invite to The Labyrinth. The letter was wild with creativity, claiming him to be the son of Apollo. He even showed the letter to his mother, who went silent and left the room in tears. His curiosity peaked, he decided to take up the invitation and participate in whatever The Labyrinth was. He could use a bit of adventure.

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Archer’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin. ¬†Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers he is discovering on his journey to survive the Labyrinth!

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