Demi: Labyrinth of the Gods is co-operative game for 2-4 players.

Players must navigate an ancient Greek labyrinth as one of eight demigods. They must work together, utilizing their character's abilities to acquire four artifacts that will allow them to prove their worth, and exit the maze.

There is a catch, however! In addition to being riddled with traps and filled with all kinds of mythological beasts, the labyrinth is also constantly in motion. When the players leave a room, a new one takes its place - making backtracking all but impossible. To take it further, each time the players find an artifact, a random set of rooms shift around as well. If that wasn't enough, these new rooms are likely to be more difficult than those that came before.

The gods are fickle. Despite being their offspring, the player's characters are also their entertainment. They were each handpicked by their godparent because they were the best of this generation. When your parent is a god, proving your worth also means doing anything you can to survive...