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Better Prototyping to commence soon!

While we’ve been quiet this month, we’ve stayed busy working to make Demi: Labyrinth of the Gods even better. While it saddened us to cancel the Kickstarter campaign we put up in January, we know now that it is for the better. As you can see above, we’ve begun constructing a laser cutter! This will allow us to create better prototypes, faster. This means getting them out to prototype reviewers, you-tubers, bloggers; it means we’ll have a lot more interaction and footage to share when we relaunch our Kickstarter.

Prototyping is a major area we failed at, with the Kickstarter – we just didn’t have the prototypes available that the community expected. We own that, and this time around we’ll be able to create them far more efficiently. They’ll also be better quality as a result!

The extra time has also meant furthering the balance of the game. There is a certain character trait that we were unaware allowed for some unbalanced play, that we recently caught. We missed it, our testers missed it – but Brook’s code framework that allows thousands of run-throughs in minutes brought it to our attention.

We may still be a bit on the quiet side in the next couple months, but we’ll make sure to keep posting updates on our progress with the new round of prototypes as appropriate. Thank you for keeping the interest while we make everything better!

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Our Kickstarter is LIVE!


We launched our Kickstarter just over a week ago and we’ve already hit 25% funding! Thank you!

We’ve got a lot of great ideas in store for the campaign and what will happen after, so please head over to our CAMPAIGN PAGE and pledge! There are some great rewards for helping us make this project a reality!

You can keep up to date on the campaign and our updates on that page.

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