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Better Prototyping to commence soon!

While we’ve been quiet this month, we’ve stayed busy working to make Demi: Labyrinth of the Gods even better. While it saddened us to cancel the Kickstarter campaign we put up in January, we know now that it is for the better. As you can see above, we’ve begun constructing a laser cutter! This will allow us to create better prototypes, faster. This means getting them out to prototype reviewers, you-tubers, bloggers; it means we’ll have a lot more interaction and footage to share when we relaunch our Kickstarter.

Prototyping is a major area we failed at, with the Kickstarter – we just didn’t have the prototypes available that the community expected. We own that, and this time around we’ll be able to create them far more efficiently. They’ll also be better quality as a result!

The extra time has also meant furthering the balance of the game. There is a certain character trait that we were unaware allowed for some unbalanced play, that we recently caught. We missed it, our testers missed it – but Brook’s code framework that allows thousands of run-throughs in minutes brought it to our attention.

We may still be a bit on the quiet side in the next couple months, but we’ll make sure to keep posting updates on our progress with the new round of prototypes as appropriate. Thank you for keeping the interest while we make everything better!

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Our Kickstarter is LIVE!


We launched our Kickstarter just over a week ago and we’ve already hit 25% funding! Thank you!

We’ve got a lot of great ideas in store for the campaign and what will happen after, so please head over to our CAMPAIGN PAGE and pledge! There are some great rewards for helping us make this project a reality!

You can keep up to date on the campaign and our updates on that page.

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Meet Hunter, son of Hermes!

Hunter’s mother immigrated from Mexico before he was born, in order to provide him a better life. Now grown, he carried her efforts and sacrifices on his shoulders as he trained for the Summer Olympics. Hunter was the fastest runner his coach had ever seen. Running the trails one day, a runner passed him with ease. Caught off guard, Hunter sprinted. The runner ahead looked over his shoulder, and winked. Something snapped in Hunter and a surge of speed pushed him forward as the world blurred around him. He caught up to his competitor and the world snapped into focus, the two of them skidding to a halt. The man smiled as he introduced himself. Hermes was his name, and he handed Hunter an envelope. Hunter read the letter contained within which claimed Hermes was both his father, and a god. It also invited him to The Labyrinth. He raised his eyes, debating whether to question Hermes or mock him, but the other man was gone without a trace.

CLICK HERE to read more about Hunter.

Archer’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers he is discovering as he races through the Labyrinth!

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Introducing the Vrykolakas

One of the lesser known monsters abandoned to myth during the modern era is the Vrykolakas, an undead disease spreading monstrosity. Left behind so long ago, multiple cultures view the creature differently. Some consider them a type of vampire, others the cause of the all plagues in ancient times. The diseases these monsters were attributed to spreading could lay waste to entire towns. Trapped down in the Labyrinth for so long, who knows what they’ve been up to…

The Vrykolakas’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign during which we’ll unveil more about the mechanics behind The Vrykolakas!

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Meet Archer, son of Apollo!

Archer grew up in a family of hunters, high in the hills of the Appalachians. By the time he was ten he was able to track, kill, and field dress a buck on his own. He knew early on that the bow was for him. It felt like a natural extension of his arm. He never knew his father, a situation for which he took flak in high school, and so he turned to rock music to set himself apart. He formed a garage band, made an impression, and landed a record deal; and so he entered early adulthood a minor rock star with a penchant for hunting. Then the invitation came: a golden envelope with an actual red wax seal. An invite to The Labyrinth. The letter was wild with creativity, claiming him to be the son of Apollo. He even showed the letter to his mother, who went silent and left the room in tears. His curiosity peaked, he decided to take up the invitation and participate in whatever The Labyrinth was. He could use a bit of adventure.

CLICK HERE to read more about Archer.

Archer’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers he is discovering on his journey to survive the Labyrinth!

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Introducing the Harpy

Harpies are well known creatures in Greek Mythology. They are known for stealing the food right out of your hands while you’re eating, then snatching those who have done wrong and carrying them away to parts unknown. While not the fiercest of creatures, Zeus gathered the nastiest of them, and they’ve been locked in The Labyrinth for a very, very long time. They have a shriek that can stop one dead in their tracks. They’re very swift, and quite hungry…

The Harpy’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign during which we’ll unveil more about the mechanics behind The Harpy!

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Meet Hannah, daughter of Hades!

Hannah is a hacker by trade. The punk aesthetic of the ’80s left a strong impression on her child mind, and as she grew up she split her time between concerts and computers. She ran away from home as a teenager, squatting until she met up with a few other like-minded hackers. Hannah kept to herself, enjoying the balance of losing herself to music and the high she would get playing god on a computer. The crew that gathered around her as her talent behind a keyboard grew came to call themselves hacktivists, leaking classified government documents and shutting down servers of big, bad corporations. It wasn’t until her father, whom she had never met, hand-delivered an invite to The Labyrinth did she realize the root of her antisocial behavior and ego-maniacal desire to hack the world. Her father was Hades, god of the Underworld. His disposition, and some of his power, were hers to inherit…

CLICK HERE to read more about Hannah

Hannah’s artwork was designed by Kristian Sundin.  Stay tuned for the Kickstarter campaign, during which we will unveil some of the powers she is discovering, now that she knows her true heritage!

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Three Guys Gaming is here!

Welcome to Three Guys Gaming!   The three of us began the company in Spring of 2014 with the goal of making the best damn boardgames, period.


We’re excited to announce our first upcoming release Demi: Labyrinth of the Gods!  A co-operative game for up to four people, players take on the roles of demigods.  The half-human children of Zeus, Ares, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Hermes, Hades, Athena and Apollo have all received an invite to The Labyrinth.  There, they must work together to navigate an ever-changing maze, face down monsters they thought were myth, survive deadly traps and acquire the four artifacts they will need to reach the end and claim their inheritance as Greek Demigods of the modern world!


Over the coming weeks we will be unveiling our characters, monsters, artwork, and peeks at the game design leading up to a Kickstarter Campaign that will fund initial manufacturing and bring the magic of Demi: Labyrinth of the Gods to homes and stores.  

Keep up to date by joining us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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