What we are

We are a group of three guys brought together by a passion for tabletop gaming. Despite being from totally different walks of life, we met up for weekly role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun. When those gaming sessions expanded into other tabletop games, the ideas started flying, and we realized we had something new to offer the industry. We seek to bring a fresh perspective on what board games can accomplish, both through mechanics and social interaction. We’re excited to introduce these innovations to you and are hard at work making them a reality.


Meet The Team

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Drew Walker

Drew Walker serves as Three Guys Gaming's CEO and Executioner.  A professional pianist for years, Drew has also served as CEO for Cribzero LLC, an independent video-game company.

While working as a FINRA registered representative in the financial industry, he has also decided to pursue his love of traditional boardgames alongside Brook and Justin.  He hopes to match his business expertise with his creativity to place Three Guys Gaming in the perfect position within the industry to create innovative products that stretch the boundaries of what boardgames can accomplish for a variety of different audiences.

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Brook Keele

Brook Keele is Three Guys Gaming's Lead Programmer and Chaos Manager. In addition to bringing order to the chaos of three different perspectives, he is constantly hard at work creating algorithms to ensure mathematically balanced game-play while simultaneously providing the framework for future computer and mobile versions of our boardgames.

His background not only in programming but also in team project management plays an important role, particularly in team meetings when Justin brings food. As a hobbyist woodworker, Brook also enjoys prototyping ideas for accessories. More on this to come, with time.

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Justin Boat


That was all Justin provided for his bio. Here is a more official version: Justin Boat is Three Guys Gaming's COO and, more importantly, Executive Chef. In addition to his family, Justin has two other loves: Gaming, and Cooking. He's able to incorporate both because working makes the Three Guys hungry.

His previous experience in the sales industry will help him put Three Guys Gaming on the map.  His ambition: Create some of the most mind-blowingly awesome games ever conceived.