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Labyrinth of the Gods preview.

This page is currently under construction, but we're excited to pull back the curtain soon! LEARN MORE

Upcoming Projects!

Stay tuned for upcoming projects, such as Untitled Project: Silverscreen currently in development!


Early Concept Art

Check out some of the early concepts of our Labyrinth Monsters.


Upcoming Events

Events we’ll be attending in the near future.

We will be attending MAGFest JANUARY 23-26, 2015. Come and say Hi! play a few games with us! The Guys
Join us at Comic Con Des Moines, JUNE 12-14, 2015. We'll have copies of our games for purchase, as well as a table set up to sit down and play! The Guys

About Us

We are three guys with a passion for innovation in gaming.

We aim to make the best damn boardgames, period.

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